Coping Skills: The Basics

Once we’ve mad that choice to keep going and to begin our journey of recovery we open ourselves up to hope yet there are many challenges. These are different for everyone and all of us can learn to handle whatever is thrown our way. We do this through various coping skills. But what are Coping … [Read more…]

Ghosts of Our Past

Some days are more difficult than others. These are the days when we remember the past. The past we remember varies dramatically. Sometimes it’s a past we long to return to when life seemed so much more simple. Sometimes it’s a past version of ourselves that we may feel is better or unbroken. Other times … [Read more…]

Where it Starts…

This is always a tough one to discuss because it’s said in a condescending way so often. When you’re lost within your own abyss and you’ve embraced that; it’s hard to just change things. All too often I heard, “If you just get up and do this or that.” “It’s not that bad. People have … [Read more…]

You Are Not Alone

In less than 24 hours something has happened. I have had people reach out to me after reading that introductory post. They’re all essentially telling me the same thing, “It felt like you were talking directly to me.” That really got me thinking. When we’re struggling it becomes very easy for us to isolate. To … [Read more…]

Standing at a Cross Road

At one point or another we all hit a cross road in life where we have to make a decision. This is true for anyone, with or without some hardship that they’re trying to recovery from. For me the decision to try and walk out of my own darkness towards the hope of recovery came … [Read more…]