Life Happens

It’s been over two months since I’ve blogged and for both you and I; I apologize. Life happened. Some great things happened. Some heartbreaking things happened. That just seems to be how life goes sometimes. We can’t have one without the other. Getting through those challenges can be exhausting. For me there was about a … [Read more…]

Those Moments…

As the mental health community lower our eyes in grief and say our goodbyes to one of our own, it is difficult to really wrap our heads around what’s happened. Amy Bleuel, who began Project Semicolon in 2016 did not make it through one of those moments. However, her legacy and her story will live … [Read more…]

You Are Not Alone

In less than 24 hours something has happened. I have had people reach out to me after reading that introductory post. They’re all essentially telling me the same thing, “It felt like you were talking directly to me.” That really got me thinking. When we’re struggling it becomes very easy for us to isolate. To … [Read more…]