Picture of Cory Will, CPRS

Cory Will is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Peer Recovery Specialist Trainer licensed in Virginia and 17 year Marine Corps Veteran. Following multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan Cory was diagnosed with Chronic/Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and lasting effects from multiple instances of Traumatic Brain Injury. After years of navigating the Mental Health System, Cory was able to learn to live with his Mental Health Challenges through a Person-Centered Model with a large element of peer support. In addition to traditional peer support Cory worked with paws4people Foundation and trained rigorously to receive his Service Dog SAMPSON who helps him interrupt, mitigate, and manage his symptoms. This is an important aspect of Cory living in recovery as he had a negative response to many of the medications he was given in the traditional medical treatment model.

Picture of Cory's Service Dog SAMPSON

Shortly following his retirement from the Marine Corps, Cory attended Peer Support Specialist Training in North Carolina and received his first certification and licensure. Cory has also become certified in Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) developed by Dr. Copeland and QPR Suicide Intervention and Prevention developed by Dr. Quinnett. In addition, he has participated in multiple seminars and virtual course work in Mental Health. Cory continues to work expanding his knowledge of the Mental Health Community, Peer Support Advocacy, and recently completed a Bachelors in Psychology from George Mason University. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in Social Work from George Mason University and conducting an internship working to end the cycle of veteran homelessness. Cory is passionate about taking his experience as a consumer and using it to help those who are trying to walk out of darkness.