Things happen in life that can be difficult to handle. Something breaks, well laid plans fall apart, major repairs on a car, toxic people impact our lives, relationships dissolve, and sometimes the story ends for someone you know. Often when being told about these things I hear a sense of being out of control.

At one point or another we all have that feeling. Not being able to control anything in our lives. This happened to me, this happened at home, this happened at work, this happened in traffic, and these are the things that ruined my day…

Some of us will always let other things impact our emotions. An unfortunate comment and we’re immediately in a bad mood. We spill our coffee and suddenly we might as well go back to bed because that has destroyed all prospects of having anything good happen that day.

Lately I’ve made some major changes and yet I still made the choice to allow many of those little things impact my day. We all do it, some more than others. There is one thing about that, that we all needed to be reminded of on occasion. It’s our Choice.

I know a great man. A man who faced tragedy after tragedy throughout his life. He suffered through grief and loss. He’s faced what some would consider insurmountable health challenges. He’s gone through life knowing that he wouldn’t live as long as he wanted to, wouldn’t see the things he wanted to, and wouldn’t be there for the ones he loved when he wanted to be. And yet he made a choice not to let any of that impact his emotional state, his mood, or the smile that he gave to everyone freely. It didn’t matter what was going on. He always found the good. He sought it out. He smiled. He laughed. He hugged. He loved. He made a CHOICE to live his life like that. He has taught me something in that choice that I’ll be eternally grateful for. Even if it took me a little longer than average to figure it out.

Ironically, not too long ago I heard “Are you going to have a good day or a bad day? The choice is yours.” I completely missed the message at the time. It’s beautiful if you think about it.

“Are you going to have a good day or a bad day? The choice is yours.”

Try saying that to yourself.

“Am I going to have a good day or a bad day? The choice is mine.”

The choice is mine.

For now I’m going to start asking myself that every morning and throughout the day. I do have the choice. I have control over how I react to things. You have control over how you react to things.

You have control.

“Are you going to have a good day or a bad day? The choice is yours.”